How Ben Franklin’s ‘Way to Wealth’ Introduced American Capitalism to the World

In a recent HBS Working Knowledge article, Professor Sophus Reinert and colleagues dig into the lasting power of Franklin’s treatise on industry and frugality and its influence on capitalism.

2015 Primary Source Award

The Way to Wealth Editions project has been honored with the Center for Research Libraries’ 2015 Primary Source Award! The award recognizes innovative uses of primary source materials by faculty, librarians and library staff, students, and other researchers in the CRL community. Learn more.

AHR Article

The 2015 February edition of the American Historical Review features an article by Professsor Sophus Reinert entitled "The Way to Wealth around the World: Benjamin Franklin and the Globalization of American Capitalism." In the article, Professor Reinert recognizes, among other contributors, the Way to Wealth Editions project:

The bibliography of Benjamin Franklin's Way to Wealth that informs this essay was compiled by my former research associate Kenneth E. Carpenter, who additionally has long been a close friend and colleague. I would further like to thank my research director, Cynthia Montgomery, for her unparalleled support, and Debra Wallace and Harvard Business School's Knowledge and Information Services for helping bring the project into the twenty-first century. Michael Hemment masterfully created the affiliated website,